hardware magic



It never ceases to amaze me when I use Bar Keepers Friend to clean hardware for my furniture pieces.

This toe cap is so shiny now that I might need to put some age/antiquing BACK on it for the particular look I was hoping for!

Seriously though, I love this stuff!

It never gets old.

I will inevitably start cleaning anything else close by in the kitchen with Bar Keepers Friend after I'm done with a piece of hardware because it's like magic and so easy!

I almost chose to spray paint these vintage drawer pulls gold because I didn't feel like scrubbing around all of those grooves.

But, my inner OCD perfectionist kicked in so I did the hard deed of soaking and scouring these beauties back to their original state with Bar Keepers Friend!

Never ceases to amaze me what's hidden underneath years of tarnish!


crimson + oak designs

October 8, 2018